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Welcome to the steamier side of my writing. If you like your books heavily laced with spice, this is the place for you!

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Dream Keeper

Sandman’s world is crumbling. Dreamers are giving up hope. 

To save Dreamland, Sandman must leave his realm in the hands of his young and beautiful assistant, Marguerite, and visit earth to bring a personal touch to mortal dreamers. By granting them a dusting of his magical sand, he shows a desperate few that their wildest fantasies can come true. Some crave love, others long for fulfilment, and the depth of their imagination knows no bounds. Sandman’s curiosity is piqued by their sexual desires, desires that awaken an aching yearning within him.

When Sandman returns to Dreamland, he is relieved to find his world flourishing in the hands of Marguerite. But as he walks the lonely halls of his palace, a heavy ball of sadness lodges in his chest.

What does he want? What is his true desire?