Formatting & Meta Data

You’ve written your book! Congratulations – this is no small feat. But how do you get it out there?


I’ve been down the self-publishing journey a few times now, I’ve hired formatters, taken master classes in Word, and finally found the best software in town. Vellum is your answer. Can you do it yourself? Of course! But if you feel you don’t have time or are simply overwhelmed with how to go about it, then this is a small stress I can take off your hands.



Vellum is a software that traditional publishers and big print houses use. It’s snazzy, whizzy and produces quality e-book and paperback books. Awesome cool bits you can have:

  • Images with chapter headings
  • Fade out full page images with first page of each chapter
  • Personalised ornamental breaks
  • Fantasy maps and other full pages illustrations and images.

I will format any book, any length, any genre for $100. Within this price you get all of the above points, one subsequent revision (if you find a typo, want to add backmatter etc), and as many outputs as you like. (print, epub. mobi, GooglePlay, Apple, and Kobo).

Meta Data:

You want people beyond your family and friends to buy your book, right? That’s where meta data comes in. But what is meta data?

Whatever platform you choose to sell and distribute your book (whether it’s Ingram for print, or Amazon for e-books) you will need to give them a lot of information about your book so they can show it to the right people who will be interested in your genre.

Amazon will allow you to choose two categories to put your book in. Let’s say you’re writing young adult fantasy. That would be one category, but it’s extremely competitive. It’s one of the most popular genres, so you might want to also look for something a bit less competitive. For instance, young adult fantasy with witches and romance. Amazon, if you email them, will allow you an additional 8 categories. But how do you decide what they should be? Where do you find them?

Manually, this process can take hours and hours. Having published 6 books, I have discovered my secrets and shortcuts and now know exactly where to find the correct information. I can research the best categories for your book and give you up-to-date advice.

You’ll also need keywords. Amazon will allow you seven different boxes for this. It takes hours of research to find the right keywords. Again, I can take this off your hands and find the right key words for your book.

I can either provide you with the data for you to upload yourself. Or I can upload it for you and take the entire headache out of our hands!


Category meta data research – £50

Keyword meta data research – £50

Category &  keyword research package – £75

Uploading to KDP/Ingram Sparks – £50

Category & keyword research & uploading services – £100

How to Pay​

50% of payment to be made up front, the remaining 60% on receipt of report.

I will send an electronic invoice, which can be paid via credit card or secure bank payment.

My writing, my career, and my sanity wouldn’t be what they are today without Marisa Noelle. I was Marisa’s mentee during #WriteMentor 2018, and she has been a friend, mentor, and inspiration to me ever since. I don’t send anything to my agent before getting her eyes on it first! Her keen sense of storycraft, world-building skills, and overall industry knowledge are invaluable no matter what publishing path you’re looking to take. Her feedback is poignant, helpful, and always given in kindness. Marisa is an amazing writer and editor, but in working with her, you’re going to get more than that. You will end up with a wise mentor and friend who supports you every step of the way.”

Author Hannah Kates, represented by Lynnette Novak of The Seymour Literary Agency.

If you would like to work with me, please email for enquiries.