Read Me First!

Are you a self-published author?

Struggling to find affordable prices?

Worried about taking that next step?

Floundering with meta data? (What the hell is meta data anyway?)

Look no further! I have a variety of services that are affordable and professional. I’ve had five years of editing experience to date. I’m a self-published author too, so you will have access to all my knowledge, cheerleading, and the different tools I have bought (so you don’t have to!) to make your journey easier.

I will help with Middle Grade, Young Adult, and Adult audiences in the genres of:  horror, thriller, dystopian,  paranormal, supernatural, fantasy (any kind), sci-fi (not space opera – more Jurassic Park). Romance elements are my jam too!

Editing Services:

Developmental edit

Synopsis Critique

Query Critique

Submission Package

Formatting Services:

Format your e-book and print book

Research your meta data & upload to KDP and Ingram Sparks

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