Marisa Noelle is a writer of young adult and middle grade novels. Marisa Noelle is the writer of middle grade & young adult novels in the genres of science-fiction, fantasy, horror & mental health including The Shadow Keepers, The Unadjusteds Trilogy (The Unadjusteds, The Rise of the Altereds, & The Reckoning), The Mermaid Chronicles – Secrets of the Deep, Quest for Atlantis, Fight for Freedom, & the award-winning The Unraveling of Luna Forester. You can find out more about them in the books section.

She is a mentor for the Write Mentor program that helps aspiring MG & YA authors. With dual citizenship, Marisa has lived on both sides of the Atlantic and uses settings in both the USA and UK as inspiration for her novels.

Growing up, Marisa had plenty of ideas for career and still regrets not moving to Hawaii to train dolphins and pretend the real world didn’t exist. Struggling with anxiety and anorexia lead her to the field of psychology. Heavily influenced by underdog movies such as The Karate Kid, she realised her mission in life was to help other people, through any medium. Embarking on a psychology degree, she wanted to emulate her hero, Jodie Foster, from Silence of the Lambs and actually tried to secure work experience at Broadmoor. Thankfully she left the idea of criminal profiling behind, but uses many of these aspects in her novels.

Favourite Things: 

number: 12

colour: blue

smell: clean sheets & cinnamon

sound: waves

scenery: the ocean

word: reckon & ubiquitous

Writerly Things

Marisa writes in a quiet corner of the kitchen or the couch or the study, or wherever she can find a quite place. There’s usually a forgotten cup of tea cooling nearby and there must be absolute silence – no playlists here while writing.  Her favourite author is Dean Koontz as he can build incredible tension without anything actually happening! Favouring horror and thriller movies, her favourites include: The Walking Dead, Supernatural., Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, Buffy, House on Haunted Hill, The Greatest Showman. Karate Kid (the original). Pirates of the Caribbean, The Shining, Sleeping with the Enemy, to name a few. When not writing, she loves to swim and hope it balances out the inactivity of writing and she has a penchant for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.  She lives in Surrey, UK with her husband and three sons.


Writing Credentials

Marisa has completed a Curtis Brown Writing Course for children and loved every minute of it.  She has also completed the Writer’s Bureau short story and novel writing course as well as  Aaron Sorkin’s master class and the fab  Writers HQ Plotstormers  1 & II course.  She has been shortlisted for both  Peerpitch 1 & 2 hosted by the lovely Scribblers.  She has been long listed for the New Voices Award by New Adventures in Fiction and long and short listed in a handful of other places, as well as publishing five novels. She is a member of SCBWI and The Golden Egg Academy. She is also a mentor for Stuart White’s Write Mentor & Write Mentor Sparks programme based in the UK. 

She is represented by Stacey Kondla of The Rights Factory

updated Feb 2021

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